Tuesday 27 April 2010

When I Grow Up

I have combined the topic for today's Knit & Crochet Week post, aspirational/inspirational patterns, with tomorrow's, inspirational people, as to me they are inextricably intertwined ... so to explain my choice of people, I have to explain my favorite type of knitting. Some people drool over socks. Others salivate over gloves. Some unusual people spend years knitting scarves.

For me, it's lace. I'm fascinated by it - so intricate, pretty and it simply looks fabulous in almost any kind of yarn. And in reality, it can also deceptive - some of the simplest patterns look like disguised rocket science when they're done: so if one is looking for the Awesome factor from beholders or recipients, Lace Knitting is where it's at.

A few of my friends are skilled lace knitters, like Heathwitch, Ania and Helene. I like to look at their work and be envious. The lace knitter/designer I like most is Linda Choo - her patterns are very clearly written (I don't like charts, although she offers these too) with plenty of instructions: I am knitting her Willow Leaf Stole at the moment. I've just noticed she's a retired engineer, which possibly explains the clarity of the instructions.

And because I love lace, what I aspire to is traditional Shetland Lace or Estonian Lace. It is the ultimate pipedream - I have neither the patience, eyesight, attention to detail, almost invisible needles or ability to handle delayed gratification that are necessary. But they have an unsurpassed beauty ...

Oddly enough, the person whose work I admire the most is actually a crocheter: for beauty, style, skill and just wow effect, Miroslava Gorokhovich's work is second to none.

I'm really looking forward to see who and/or what the other Knit & Crochet Week bloggers choose for these topics ....


  1. Wonderful !
    I like very much your post and your lincks !
    Unfortunatly, I don't know if I'm able to understand english patterns. You give me a new challenge !
    Have a nice day !

  2. Have you seen this thread: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/needlework-on-the-net/810020? The lace is amazing!

  3. Wow, the work of Miroslava Gorokhovich is truly amazing! Lace is really a lovely thing to make and look at - and very often you can create such beautiful items with just one ball of yarn!

  4. OMG those crochet lace patterns are amazing!

  5. I like lace as well. I learned how to do lace patterns quite early on in my knitting career, they are called "hole-patterns" in Germany, so they don't scare me. They look a lot more complicated than they are. But I dismally fail at Socks and Plats. I just cannot knit in the round and I always lose some loops when doing a plat, or I knit too tight and cannot twist it...

  6. I second Ania's comment!

    I can see why these people and these crafts inspire you - glorious. I am feeling stirred to Make Something.

    Not the other sock, obviously.

    Ali x

  7. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    I love knitting lace as well... if anything for the transformation at the end with blocking!

    Shetland and Estonian lace are certainly impressive- I'll get to them some day! and Miroslava, I've never heard of her till today. Where have I been? Under a ROCK?! Amazing crochet lace!!!

    I actually have 2 skeins (different colorways)of Schaefer Lace that I need to find projects for. Over 1000 yards available in each skein... so many projects- so little time!

  8. I wish that I had the guts to do lace AT ALL but I can't imagine doing the Shetland/Estonian stuff....gorgeous.

  9. Lovely and very inspirational! I've only knit a few things with a little lace and I can't even imagine the work that must go into those projects.

  10. I could spend days and days and days just drooling over Miroslava Gorokhovich's work. You have picked some gorgeous aspirations!

  11. I'm just about to embark on my first large lace project (pattern to be determined by a poll on my blog), and I'm nervous, but excited. I truly admire anyone who is comfortable knitting lace.

  12. As gorgeous as lace is I don't have the nerve to try it out yet but I do agree with you Shetland/Estonian is some of the most gorgeous lace I have ever seen.


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