Friday, 16 April 2010

New Experience

Well, I've had an interesting couple of days ... yesterday I spent blitzing the house, as yesterday I hosted a meet & greet thingy for Ben Gummer, one of the candidate MPs for my town. How this happened, I'm really not quite sure, but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting some more of my neighbors, with most of whom I had a good chat. Ben is the only candidate so far who has bothered to go out and about, and actually talk to real people; he tried to answer at least some of the questions/concerns we had, which last night ranged from the NHS (a hospital matron), education (a school governor & parents), jobs/the economy (a retail manager), and disability funding right through to how on earth these MPs secured Legal Aid. Putting a real person behind the name and face has real impact, from the talk I heard between my neighbors afterwards. Although I'm not sure looking so young is helpful, having a solid local record and roots certainly will.

Something that raised my eyebrows into my hairline was a suggestion from the formidably efficient Kathy Kenna that I should consider becoming a local councillor, and could she talk to me about it next year. Currently I am sniffing round the idea like a child with broccoli on its plate for the first time - it's alien and looks dangerous.

So revelling in a clean house, with the kids on a playdate for the afternoon, I finished the scarf I've now named 'Spring Scarf' - 5 repeats of Vine Stitch, in Jojoland Melody. Even after blocking, I still don't like the yarn - it is softer after washing and fabric conditioner, but the color gradations are irregular, and although both balls that I used were the same dyelot, I don't think it looks like it: it varies from a deep teal to a light lime green.



stitch detail


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  1. You're a bit good at this knitting thing are you not?

    Referring to the local council stuff - you've got a year to get yourself enmired in local politics to see whether you like it or not.

    Try your Community Council (Parish Council?), Parent Council at the Skool, possibly even your local health Centre's Patients Group.

    Getting active on a few of them will give you a realistic idea of what being a Cllr is all about - plus helps get your name known locally as a 'Getter Of Things Done' sort of gal. Which you are.

    I reckon you would be really great at it, but I'm not sure how it would impact on your family life? Weekend work?

    Ali x


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