Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Sap is Rising

What with the lovely sunny weather recently, I could no longer deny the call of the garden. Garden describes it loosely - the back is 2/3 patio and 1/3 gravel (not our choice) and the front is a rectangular handkerchief. So I have to be really selective in my choice of plants, and grow a lot of things in containers.

The containers are looking very Spring-y: daffodils, narcissi and pansies in flower, wallflowers - or gillyflowers as they are sometimes still called - on the verge of flowering. My pink jasmine is in bud, my scented patio roses (yes, they do exist, although not many of them) have fresh green baby leaves; my bronze fennel and lovage are back, and the violets are flowering. I even have some hopes of survival of the collection of dry sticks that last summer was my lemon verbena.

I have a space of maybe 3' x 3' to fill in the front, where last year I had a huge mallow; it liked the position so much, it was taking over everything, so I got DH to uproot it in autumn. Budget and scent are key when I come to choose what will go there. Suggestions welcome.

But anyway, it's all swept, checked over and trimmed, and DH made a trip to the tip with the stuff that had been lying around 'just in case'. I figured, since we obviously hadn't used this stuff for at least 6 months, we no longer needed it and would be better off for the space.

I've switched over from Radio 4, as I already can't take how much discussion there is about the election. I wonder what they talked about before. I found this instead. I recommend this at pretty much top volume as an accompaniment for housework.

I plod on with the Jojoland Melody scarf. I do not like it. It is gradated shades of green rather than the teal I wanted. It has big lumps of fluff where it has come unplied at various points. And worst of all, it feels scratchy. Maybe after washing, conditioning and blocking the feel will improve.


  1. I've been in the garden too ;-)

    I forget how much I enjoy kneeling on the path, pulling up weeds - it's quite therapeutic - but really knocks the knees out of one's clothing.

    Tomorrow....I may wear my gardening shorts. Think Steve Irwin crossed with Spike Milligan. That's the look I'll be working.

    Ali x

  2. LOL if anyone could carry that look off, it would be you :D


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