Friday 12 October 2012

FO Friday 108: Domestic Divinity

Domestic divinity is just a posh way of saying 'domestic goddess', which - as you know - I am not. I am closer to a domestic harpy or perhaps even a troll. Even so. You will remember  that our bathroom went through a transformation  earlier this year; I forgot to show you the final outcome, so here are a couple of photos of before and after:


Doesn't it look lovely now ? Bright, working efficiently and easy to clean. The plants are a lot bigger now, too.

And in that same improvement vein, this used to be my 'corner' with my knitting things on it close to hand:


And this is it now:

Look at that ! Can you believe it ? There is so much more room for me to stash stuff, and make it look quite nice too. This is the closest I get to feeling really good and satisfied with housework. Next week, it will all have to be moved, as the room is being painted; hopefully, it will be done quickly, so I can put it back and have it look even nicer.

Lots more satisfaction to see over at Tami's Amis ....


  1. What a difference in the bathroom. Very sleek and modish. Love the redo on your corner. My stuff seems to get strewn throughout the house!

  2. Bathroom looks TONS better. And yes, SOOOOO much more space for your creative stash! I likes it!

  3. Bathrooms are such a reno pit - yours turned out really well! Light, bright and very inviting ... even if it is the bathroom. :)

    And your corner - do I spy the aunt's blanket down the bottom? I like the redo. What color are you going to paint the room?

  4. Lol @ domestic troll!! I can identify.

  5. Lol @ domestic troll!! I can identify.


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