Friday 19 October 2012

FO Friday 109: Big Sighs

Tarot of the Magical Forest

     So Auntie Fashion's Seaweed Blanket is complete, although this dreadful photo does it no justice at all - it has been raining;
I popped out when there was a short break to take the photo
in spite of all the greyness, and then attempting to drape the blankey artistically over the fence but at the same time also desperately trying not to let it slip and fall onto the sodden patio ... in the end I was just happy to have any kind of photo of it at all !

I promise you, it truly does look so much better in real life, it isn't all crookedy or on the huh at all. And it does have sparkles in it. Really.

I had been hoping to be able to show you some photos of Bloody Vlad today as well, since I've been knitting it rather than doing any housework this week; however, it seems to have been earning its sobriquet - with a mere 4 rows left to go, I put down the crochet hook I was using for beading, put the kettle on, and when I came back, I simply could not find that hook again. 

I looked in all the sofa cushions, under all three cats, the dog, the sofa itself - even in the adjacent fruit bowl - but nada, zip, nothing. 

Well, except for a very few choice curse words - I'm sure you know the kind.

 So this morning I did an emergency run into town, and picked up two more teenytiny crochet hooks: a 0.75mm and a 0.6mm one as well, since I wasn't quite sure what the size was of the one I lost: darned small is just darned small, yanno ?

However, there is always a bright side: at least I'm almost guaranteed a FO for next week. Barring anymore unexpected misfortunes, of course. Pop over to Tami's Amis to see good pictures of beautiful things ..


  1. Wow - that's AMAZING!!!!! Auntie Fashion is going to luff it!

    Vlad is also looking amazing. You're well-talented!

  2. Great to visit your blog, it's lovely!!

  3. Love Auntie Fashion's blanket! She is one lucky lady.

  4. Love the blanket. LOVE the colors. Admire you for the fortitude to get through that size of a blanket!! Baby size is as much as I can do. And baby sweaters are even smaller, so I hope people keep having babies so I can keep knitting them things. LOL

  5. I too love the colors in Auntie Fashion's blanket! And I have no doubt it looks better IRL - blankets are just darned difficult to photograph, no matter what. :)

    It's actually good you picked up two different sized steel crochet hooks - they will come in handy. The larger size is only good on size 3 seed beads and up; anything a little smaller, you'll need the smaller hook. Anything much smaller, and something other than a crochet hook. :)

  6. I love the blanket so much. The colors are so gorgeous--what was the yarn again?

    1. The yarn was 4 balls of James C.Brett 'Moonlight Sonata' in the excitingly named colorway 'SM7' :-)


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