Friday, 26 October 2012

FO Friday 110: Bloody Vlad Lives !

Victorian Flower Oracle

 Many apologies for the return to rubbish photos - it is dark, grey and raining today, and the Bloody Vlad turned out to be so large it wouldn't quite fit on the table how I wanted it to.

You can see very clearly that there are no points - when the designer says 'bind off loosely', she means 'bind off like knickers without elastic'. But hey, it still looks fine, a non-knitter would never know.


You might be able to see the beads if you squint and use a magnifying glass  ...

Detail of the 'wing'

 The yarn - 'Mistoffeles' merino/nylon 3ply sock yarn from Black Cat Fibres was lovely to work with: soft with a very slight stretch, washed and blocked easily (although it bled a little, I forgive it, since this is a vampire shawl it seemed appropriate).

And here is my other creative work for this week, completed at Destructo Boy's Savannah Sharing Day: 


Which inexorably reminded me of this:

Hop on over to Tami's Amis - hopefully any music will be less dodgy than my selection remembered from childhood.


  1. Oh, that turned out splendidly! The yarn seems so squishable.

  2. Somehow the jungle music is inappropriate for the shawl :D

  3. Love how Vlad turned out - and Destructo Boy's artistic endeavors. :)

    1. Errrm - that lion is my artistic endeavors :-D


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