Friday 16 November 2012

FO Friday 113: Lucky for Some

Made with the James C.Brett Moonlight Sonata yarn gifted to me by my MIL, I wonder if you remember this unprepossessing sack-like item from last week's WIP Wednesday ?

Look what magic can be wrought by blocking:

A Slice of Berries

 And here is a photo of the lace detail and edging, in which I think you may also be able to see the sparkles in the yarn: 

The pattern is A Slice of Autumn/Spring from Kay Meadors, and I may have had about 50m of yarn leftover. It came out a lot bigger in DK - 67'' wide by about 24'' deep. It is also interesting to see the difference that a yarn can make to a project; this is the last Slice of Autumn/Spring that I made, using Crazy Zauberball in 'Olive':

A Slice of Summer

 It looks the same size, but this is modelled by Mini Diva, whereas I am modelling A Slice of Berries. True, she takes the same shoe size as me now, and she is a tall girl, but even so ...

I am very pleased with how it came out: the yarn, the color, the size, and how easy it was. A brilliant pattern which I will probably use again.

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  1. Just lovely! I love the yarn, the pattern, the colours! I was just reflecting this morning on how yarn can really change how a pattern turns out, so much fun!

  2. I ditto all the descriptive comments made before me. And add Awesome!!! Love the olive colorway too.

  3. Both are lovely but my favorite is the first one.

  4. You have inspired me I know just the yarn in my stash that I can make this with! Love it!


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