Wednesday 7 November 2012

WIP Wednesday 118: More Moonlight


Having missed posting last Friday, I thought this week would be a little calmer, since the routine of school has started again after half-term.

But obviously not - hence the tardiness of this post, as today I was sorting some books at Belo's house, and scored some fascinating vintage knitting books, which I will post about another time.

I have now stashed 44 squares towards the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket (I think we will shorten that to SGGS Blankey, don't you ?) and I confess I have crocheted none this week, as my Mother-in-law gifted me some yarn which I was impelled to use immediately - a ball of James C.Brett Moonlight Sonata in the oh-so-imaginatively named colorway SM3, which is rather soft and lovely gradated shades of dusty berry pinks with sparkles; not that you can tell from this photo, more's the pity:

You've seen the green colorway before. I should mention, the pattern is not for some kind of hippie bag-sack thing, but it will be revealed eventually as a Slice of Autumn/Spring, which, because of the color, I am calling Slice of Berries. I am so poetic.

And to tantalize my tarot friends, here is a pic of the Sirian Starseed Tarot in the process of being reviewed:

Yes, those are my increasingly notorious pink sparkly reading glasses appearing for the 2nd time in this blog. I'm not actually really such a pink person, I promise. I do hope that it is not a portent of impending fluffy-bunniness ...

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  1. You are becoming pink and fluffy - quick, apply more tin foil

  2. Yeah, tin foil - that's the way to go. :)


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