Wednesday 14 November 2012

WIP Wednesday 119: Bright Idea

Spiral Tarot

If I was a bear ... Well, OK. If I was a bear without kids, I would definitely hibernate: I don't like winter - the cold, the wet, the greyness, the dark. Since I have kids and have to stay awake, I think of the summer and remember its colors by adding to the SGGSB.

The count now stands at 56, up from 44. In the two tall stacks are 10 of each type of blue square - I've decided that I will make 10 of each color combination, and then re-assess to see how many squares there are and whether they will make anything worth joining them all together. You'll be glad to know - as proof that I still retain some shreds of sanity - that I am weaving in the ends as I go:

As it is getting to halfway through November, I thought it was about time to start on the obligatory Xmas knitting for my youngest nephew, the pitiful victim who is blissfully unaware of the psychological and emotional scarring that is heading his way (mind you, with the full encouragement of his mother); I've found this seemingly simple pattern for a hoodie from Sirdar:

And lookee ! enough seasonally festive Stylecraft Special DK of the colorway 'Matador' in my stash to make an immediate start:

Believe me, your eyes are not bleeding as much as mine.

Since I cannot leave well enough alone, I have modified the pattern by using a straightforward checkerboard stitch pattern rather than - yawn - stocking stitch.

But I can tell you are wondering - no Scandinavian colorwork of white snowflakes, no applique of a reindeer, no sparkly fun fur, no jingly bells even: what's so damaging about this ?

Wait til you see the buttons I have found.

Hop on over to Tami's Amis to see what other evil plots gifts of love are in the works ....


  1. I am on the mac and, for reasons only known to itself, it is choosing not to display the images from your blog for me today. So I can only imagine how things are looking. Worrying note on that last photo, so am somewhat relieved that I can't see it.

    But if I don't get to see the chosen BUTTONS when you post the photo there will be TRUBBLE.

    ...and the youngest nephew will LOVE his sweater. Regardless of buttons.

    Ali x

  2. WOW that is quite the red! The sweater is going to be wonderful. I can't wait to see the buttons you've chosen.


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