Wednesday 21 November 2012

Yellow Jack Hoisted

Mystic Faery Tarot

Mini Diva has been making like a dying duck in a thunderstorm since Sunday night: a nice hacking chesty cough for which I have kept her off school. 

Lemsip, honey & lemon, and Soothers weren't cutting it, and after last night when it took raising her on 5 pillows to ease the coughing and allow her some sleep, I was on the phone to the doctor's surgery first thing this morning, and seeing the doctor second thing this morning.

The doctor asked lots of questions, listened to her chest and administered a peak flow breath test in which she should have been able to blow 308 but actually managed only 175. Four times. Each of which set off a coughing fit.

We came home with this:

Two different types of this:

And I will have to go back and collect the peak flow meter thingy tomorrow when it arrives at the pharmacy, so that we can continue to monitor Mini Diva's capacity.

Destructo Boy started to cough this morning, and I have a sharp sore throat. Might as well just paint my door like this:


  1. You are uuuuuncleeeeeeean!!!!

    *rings plague bell*

    Hope DD gets better soon and that DS is just coughing for sympathy, rather than 'fection. Hope you're standing by with your Sympathetic Mommy face rather than just the You Are Keeping Me From Facebook face. Just me?

    Ali xxxxx

    1. I have a 'keeping me from knitting face', will that do ? :-D

  2. Mine is usually "Keep your nasty germs away from me" face.

  3. Oh no! Sick Household. I hope you don't get it too badly :-(


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