Friday, 12 June 2015

FO Friday 24/15: Camel Baby Complete

Whimsical Tarot

We've had some almost seasonal weather this week, so I have spent more time outside with my pots on the patio with lots and lots of washing on the line; of course, it only takes a warm patch for both the shower and the fridge to break down, and Mini Diva's laptop (new at Christmas) is headed back to the shop this weekend too - but if trouble comes in threes, that should be us done, for now.

Like this cute little vintage 4ply baby cardigan (neat segue, huh) :

Somewhere along the line I made an error with measurements, as there are supposed to be 5 buttons but I only had room for four - and nice little unusual buttons they are too. This is a shade called 'Camel', of Sirdar Country Style 4ply - it felt a little scritchy at first (I'm guessing the wool content), but after a wash & fabric conditioner, it gained softness and a bit of bloom.

The color is true in the 1st photo ... but this one shows the detail of the cable pattern, separated with moss stitch rather than boring old purl, and the decorative detail of the raglan sleeves. Altogether a dinky and rather pretty little cardigan, I think: Robin 1139, for Robin Bri-Nylon Supercrimp 4ply.

Today it is FO Friday and Friday Finishes which, when Googled, will give you lots of pretty things to look at.


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