Wednesday 10 June 2015

SAL Wednesday 23/15: Green Bumps

Deviant Moon Tarot

No, I haven't been doing anything as exotic as learning to belly-dance. Just juggling all the kids' stuff plus home things plus niggly admin things that suck up way more time than they should. I wonder how on earth did I fit everything in when I was working outside the home ?  Of course, Titch was home everyday - the plus of agency work over tramping - so things didn't fall just to me to do. Rather than getting into a rant about the thankless unpaid drudgery that falls to my lot nowadays, instead let's show you the progress on the last of the 4 baby cardigans I'm making:

The pattern is Sirdar Snuggly DK 3946, but I am using 3 balls of Sirdar Tiny Tots in the colorway 987. imaginatively christened 'green': that color seems to be discontinued, but I am glad that 'Pooping Purple' was merely my eyes playing tricks on me. Although it's a blend of acrylic/polyester, it has somewhat of a cotton-y feel; I would prefer it plain without the slubs, I think - I think this was some of my sister's stash. 

Anyway, it was knitting up nice and quickly until having to DO things like take people to school, pick them up from Cubs, go to Parents' Evening (Mini Diva is perfect, apparently, except for Drama - I can't figure out how that can be when she is such an expert in it at home), go to cricket training, do the ironing, do to Share Day ... you get the idea. I thought I was supposed to regain my time as the kids grew older, but I'm not really seeing that yet.

This afternoon, I only have to vacuum, and then my time is my own for a couple of hours, so I'll just recommend that you pop over to Life&Yarn, while I get a move on so I can snatch some knitting time ...


  1. "Pooping Purple" is a pretty scary thought :/

  2. yeah - what WAS it called if it sorta looked like 'Pooping Purple'?!

    Lil cardi is knitting up nicely!

  3. They are coming along nicely....and yes, life has a way of interrupting the important stuff.....8 days to go for me...

  4. Um, I am thinking the Drama at school is NOT the same as the drama at home. I often wonder how my youngest can be such a Diva without being a Diva? LOL


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