Monday 17 May 2010

Achey Breaky ...

...Back. The only things I did indoors this weekend, pretty much, was to make the beds and do the ironing. The rest was spent outside sorting out the patch of front garden and overhauling all the tubs and troughs on the patio back garden.

All the daffodils have been pulled and re-planted in the front garden for next year, the wallflowers and pansies went into the brown bin; the tubs and troughs were topped up with fresh compost, and this year's summer bedding planted out - yes, I know there's always the risk of a late frost, but I have nowhere to keep them, plus, the tubs were in a terrible state, I just couldn't look at them any longer - so we have African marigolds, petunias and lobelia; two types of lettuce, two tomato plants (one cherry and one normal) four runner beans, and a jalapeno chilli.

My lemon verbena made it through the winter, but not the marjoram or thyme, so they have been replaced; I also found a white lavender on sale along with a nameless clematis, so they have found their spots in the front. A couple of lupins (DH's choice), a valerian - very sweetly-scented when in flower - a couple of other bits and bobs, most of them found in the 'reduced' section, are now planted and waiting to thrive.

Speaking of scents, I can't recall the lilac smelling as strong as it does this year. There are lots of lilacs in my area, and sometimes the scent as it wafts by you when you're walking is almost as if someone had opened the stopper on a bottle of perfume.

My style of gardening involves not being able to see any earth - if I can see earth, then that means there is room for a plant to go in it; where there is a plant, a weed cannot grow. What I will do in order to be energy-efficient.


  1. Spooky! Hubby's gardening mantra also involves a bit about 'not seeing any earth.

    Only he does it by pouring a ton of concrete.

    Ali x

  2. This is too post for tomorrow is the Ten of Wands! Great minds think alike! Thank you for your comment on "A letter to my mother" It indeed is liberating.

  3. I am bereft f a garden - we only have a balcony to our flat, yet still I manage to fit a good amount of greenery out there - mostly heathers and low plants, which can withstand the battering Lancaster winds and rain, but greenery nonetheless.

  4. I am so jealous of green thumb types. Your yarn looks lovely and I bet it will be even more lovely when everything is in bloom/mature.

  5. I hate gardening, but I sure love flowers. My thumb is brown.


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