Wednesday 26 May 2010


I really enjoyed Tarot Hands Across the World, celebrating what used to be World Tarot Day before it was apparently trademarked and no-one can use the term any more ....

All five readings that I offered through this blog were taken up - I'm just waiting for a question from LizzieK8 - and the feedback I've had was not only good, but helpful.

I did a few readings via Twitter, and found that the 140 character limit was just not going to work - there's just too much information to relay in such a limited message; so to deal with that issue, multiple DMs were sent .

I really must say again, thanks to Mimi, for her most helpful suggestion for how to handle the storm in a teacup - it worked.


  1. It's not Trademarked - I've checked!

  2. Interesting :-) The plot thickens, but yet is typical of the plotter ;-)

  3. Thanks again for the reading :) very helpful. I have a deck at my mums house that i've been told shouldn't be taken from there. Is that right? Don't know if its just superstition or not :)

  4. You're welcome, Steph - glad it was useful :-) It isn't right - it is just superstition (there are a few) ....

  5. I'm glad everything worked out for you.


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