Saturday 1 May 2010

Measures of Success

The topic for Day 5 of Knit & Crochet Blog week is revisiting a FO (Finished Object, for those without knitterly shorthand).

I am very lucky in that Mini-Diva thinks that my knitting is cool, and is not only happy to wear the results, but asks for specific items in specific yarns. So today I am revisiting the second (I think) sweater I made for her, which was for Christmas 2008. This is it then:

Made from Elle Lussuria, which wasn't cheap, but is fabulously soft, I mean, like amazingly soft. She loved it; she still does, although it is really on the small side for her now. She wore it at every opportunity. However. The downside to this yarn is, I feel it really needs tumble-drying after washing; all the lovely 'whispery' bits are not 'whispery' after linedrying, as you may be able to tell from this photo of the sweater taken today:

The other finished item that has that most important and necessary of approvals, ie. feline, is the Spring Scarf in Vine Stitch:

Moonheart napping on scarf


  1. Try fluffing it up with a hairdryer when nearly dry, or possibly some steam :)

  2. Such a great feeling when someone TRULY loves the thing you made them! Especially kids, who tend to be so picky and (brutally) honest.. : )

  3. cat=cute
    all curled up in a ball.
    I love cats :)

  4. Taht sweater is beautiful!

  5. Anything made with love is beautiful. The only exception, knitting a sweater and one arm is a sock. It happens (trust me) lol

  6. Cute kitty photo! My cat is also very opinionated about my knitting...some projects make better napping spots than others. : )

  7. That sweater looks very cozy. I'm glad she appreciates your knitting!


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