Wednesday 19 May 2010

Rattling the China

World Tarot Day has been going since 2003. Various internet tarot communities and individuals usually do something to celebrate it, whether offering free readings, large readings, deals, offers and giveaways ...

This year, however, a storm has sloshed the tea from the cup into the saucer somewhat, as the person who had the original idea trademarked World Tarot Day, and then sold it to a commercial organization, without notifying any of the prior sponsors. The first most people knew about it was when the new owner started to promote their ownership of it, and forbade any other tarot people to use the phrase or promote it.

Tarot is an area that many people involved with it consider spiritual, concerned with one's Higher Self, a journey of self-knowledge and personal growth, to be used for guidance and empowerment: all that Californian New Age stuff. The hypocrisy involved is particularly jarring then, when the people who make these kind of claims actually manifest behavior that seems the complete opposite - for personal or business gain, to satisfy the ego, to continue a personal grudge (not to say vendetta) ...

As a tarot professional, I am undecided what I will do, to best uphold the spiritual dignity of tarot, as I perceive it: do I ignore the foul-tasting taint with which WTD has been contaminated and tarnished, and continue with my own small plans to promote tarot to a broader community on this day (the original intention of WTD) ? Or do I cancel my plans, so as to ensure they in no way can be connected, seen or used in support of this usurpation ? The full deck may offer more possibilities - even a compromise ?

''Power consists in one's capacity to link his will with the purpose of others, to lead by reason and a gift of cooperation.''

Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the USA(1856-1924)
letter to Mary A.Hulbert, Sept.21 1913


  1. Wow, I don't know what I'd do. Sorry. I'm no help. Good luck in what ever you choose.

  2. I will quickly give a disclaimer saying that I know next to nothing about the world of professional tarot, so obviously everything below is in that context:

    If I took part in a 'day' (OK, let's say 'Week', and let's imagine The Knitting and Crochet Week) and the idea was sold on or otherwise taken over by someone who trademarked the use and then forbade anyone else to use it when I was hoping to organise some KCBL activities, what might I do?

    Well if it was something close to my heart would still want to spread the word and ot of what I was doing. If I had connections then I would try and contacts them and arrange some kind of 'event' whether it be online or not, to spread my idea in a joyous way but, and here's the important bit - NOT IN ANY WAY REFERRING TO, PROMOTING OR SPREADING THE NOW 'BANNED' TERM. Nobody can stop you having a tarot event that lasts a day and which helps to spread your interest. Find a catchy name and refer to it as that - hopefully get others to do the same, perhaps?

    Disclaimer 2: I had a lie in and my other half has just woken me up with a cup of tea and my laptop so I can read blogs in bed, so this is all from the mind of someone who has been awake for about 3 or 4 minutes.

  3. Mimi, that was really helpful - thanks :-)

  4. Thank you Mimi - and thank you Viv ;-)

    Ali xxxx

  5. Hey, food for thought there! Great!!


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