Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Calm After the Storm

I haven't posted over the last few days as I got sucked into the political drama that was the aftermath of the election. I find myself in a political minority in the communities/forums that I frequent, and having grown somewhat wiser, mellower, apathetic or lazier over the years, I no longer engage in heated debate in this area unless facts are incorrect. I no longer have the energy for ad hominem attacks in general, let alone those which are aimed at me. And I don't really want my blog to contain politics unless in the most general way. I don't even feel really comfortable with expressing my optimism about this coalition in case that jinxes it.

So back to your regularly scheduled programming - by the way, it was most amusing to see quite how many people were outraged by the BBC cancelling Eastenders last night to provide further coverage of an historic event.

Destructo Boy has started at his new kindergarten, at the primary school where he will be in September, as we were unsuccessful in our application for him to attend Mini-Diva's school - he is 24th on the waiting list, otherwise known as a snowball's chance in hell, even though we have lodged an appeal. Believe me, there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth, since it means I cannot get both children to school on time, as Mini-Diva's school is 30 minutes away and also starts first. Destructo Boy's school also has no room for Mini-Diva. Mini-Diva is walking to school with a friend and his Mum, but had to be prised from me, howling, yesterday. And to add insult to injury, Destructo Boy's school is our catchment school, it's the reason DH took this house, and is so close I could drop the children off wearing my pyjamas and be back home before anyone noticed ...

And now I am off to block the Branching Out and Trellis Lace scarves ....


  1. oh, I NEVER bother with the facts ;-)

    Piece of bloody nonsense that your kids are going to go to different schools. Does it affect any of your neighbours? Could you take MD and one other kid in one direction and the other kid's mother could take Destructo Boy and her other small person to the other school.

    That didn't come out very clearly - but did you get my drift?

    Ali xxxx

  2. I got your drift :-) But no. I walk MD up the hill to meet her friend & his Mum at 8:30, she walks the rest of the way with them; walk DB all the way back down the hill and wait til 9am to take him to school ....

  3. I hope something works out eventually. What a pain!


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