Tuesday 19 October 2010

At Last

Well, I haven't had anything much to say recently; I've been preoccupied with just the simple day to day aspects of living ... get up, make packed lunch, wake the kids, feed them breakfast, get them to school ....yanno, boring routine stuff.

Which tells you how well-organized I am, and how well Breakfast Club for Destructo Boy is working: thanks to the intervention of his teacher when she heard about the 2 kids, 2 schools debacle, she made space in the Breakfast Club so that I can take Mini Diva to school at least 3 days a week; the other two days, she walks with her friend Regan and his Mum; and because she has an extra-curricular activity almost every day, Destructo Boy and I get to go and collect her 4 out of 5 afternoons too. I don't know whether she will be able to stand the pace as the school year lengthens, especially as the days are getting to be as dark and dreary as the nights .....

Fortunately I've managed to get over my knitting hump - thanks to Film4 running a Star Trek weekend: all 10 films (but not last year's release) over the course of two days was a great help; I managed to finally complete Mini Diva's school cardigan for this year:

The lacy cables are quite pretty, but the yarn (Patons Fab DK in Jade) is quite harsh and stiff until it has been washed and fabric conditioned.

I also completed another scarf for the Xmas stash; this one in Spider Stitch from the Barbara Walker Treasury Vol.II, using the softest Sirdar Blur in Lilac, on 5mm needles:

And I have started on my last ball of Kidsilk Haze ... another Xmas stash scarf ... I need to do a formal recce, to see what I have left to knit ...


  1. Wow - support from the school! Fantastic. 'Bout time too!

    Ali x

  2. Oh wow, that scarf is beautiful!

  3. The stitch on the scarf is gorgeous. I hope the lil' Dive appreciates her handknits... ;)


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