Monday 25 October 2010

Family Time

Mini Diva having fallen out with her best friend, and it being the 1st weekend of half-term, she didn't go to dancing on Saturday. Instead we all had a lazy morning, not getting up until around 8am - and even that was because we could no longer deny the pangs of hunger.

A quick tootle into town for fresh fruit and a visit to the library was our only outing this weekend; as the weather has been sunny (cold, of course, but sunny) the kids were out on their bicycles playing with the other kids in the neighborhood: this, to me, is what it's supposed to be like when you're a kid.

On Sunday, once the chores were done, we spent the rest of the day playing on the Playstation 2; I had only seen one of Destructo Boy's 4 birthday games in action, and I wanted to see a different one ... preferably that did not involve cars.

So we ended up playing this:

It was great fun, and DH displayed a hitherto unsuspected gift for being able to achieve the really difficult bits - spinning Melman round his enclosure cleaning up rubbish and tranking the psycho-guard/hunter and sailors whilst simultaneously cooking superb omelettes for dinner; the kids were particularly good at King Julian's dancing mini-game. I was especially fond of attaining Gloria's Double Butt-Bounce ....

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  1. A double butt bounce sounds like something I should aspire to :-)


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