Thursday 21 October 2010

Sweater of Doom Mk II ?

Since lovely people keep paying me to do readings for them - brilliant, since I am a tarot reader, after all - I blew some of it on some Stylecraft Life Aran. Quite a lot of Stylecraft Life Aran, actually, since it is to attempt a sweater for DH, who is nothing at all like a shrimp in size. No matter that this is the yarn - and even the same color (charcoal) - that the Sweater of Doom was made with: I know no fear, and try to ignore jinxes.

The pattern is a cabled shawl-collar sweater which looks straightforward ... can you see the stockinette stitch sections ? On the stick-boy mini-model they used for the photo, it amounts to mere inches; for DH, that will become acres. I have two possible deadlines - his birthday (the big Four- Oh this year) and/or Christmas. I shall cast on with good intentions (and we know which road is paved with those, don't we ?) when it arrives.

In other news, I have another doctor's appointment scheduled next week, as the results of my thyroid test were in the low part of the range, and I'm increasingly aware of how uncomfortable I am with the emotional un-inhibitedness which is becoming slowly harder to control, as I realized when facing Destructo Boy's frumpy, smug school receptionist yesterday: I only just kept it together without swearing or smashing something. I feel like I'm simmering all the time, and it takes nothing at all to make me boil over: Rage is becoming my middle name.

Today I talked my father through setting up an account on Facebook, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and windows - while saving the thrills of hoovering and mopping for tomorrow; unedifying, you might think. But I was speaking with a friend of mine who is still in the career I left - and I am grateful to him, because it reminded me why I left, and that when I feel a pang, that's all it is - a pang.

And I've been asked to do a test knit, read someone's novel to check technical background, review a tarot book, and an interview ... which is really exciting, for me. Watch this space ....


  1. good luck with the jumper! :) I haven't yet got over my utter selfishness and knit someone else something bigger than a hat or scarf.

  2. The jumper/sweater is going to be a ok! I've vowed not to knit garments for anyone but me. I'm so finicky about fit that I'm sure the recipient would be tired of me lunging at them with a tape measure after about an hour.


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