Tuesday 5 October 2010

Reminders of Yesterday

So rather than dwell on the weight-gain trough I'm wallowing in (another additional 14lbs in about 2 months!) which resulted in a visit to the doctor's today and a blood test for hypothyroidism, anaemia and diabetes, for the results of which I am waiting, let's talk about the blast from the past that Destructo Boy's upcoming 5th birthday has inspired ....

Today I tootled down to the ITFC shop to pick up Belo's birthday present to Destructo Boy:

Although not a footie follower, I do remember Ipswich being successful when I was young, with players like Paul Mariner and John Wark in the team.

Walking back up to the town - and incidentally noticing that the recession is even hitting the Aston dealer, since DH's dream car, this:

is now retailing for only a mere £166,995, about £12K less than usual - if we skip next week's grocery shop, we should be able to afford it ...... Oh yes, where was I ? Walking back up to town, wasn't it ? I passed a chap who smelled of this:

A fragrance that, for me, is inextricably linked to the 80s, along with Obsession, Opium and Poison. A chill breeze (not so much of a blast) from even further back is Destructo Boy's present from us, which reminds me of my childhood in the 70s ....

along with Chopper bikes and space hoppers; not that we had any of those. It just goes to show that things go round in circles. What is currently Cool will become very Uncool (Ben10, for us right now .... of course, just after we stashed a Ben10 hat, gloves and scarf for Xmas - so if you want them, message me to arrange a barter) ... repeat throughout history.

And luckily there was an extra-cheery lift to the day, from Tracy, who asked if she could feature my Aztec Queen vanilla/chocolate cocoa butter-laden soap in her chocolate-themed Misi Monday over at her blog: thanks, Tracy.


  1. Oh my God! Opium! {is lost in Proustian reminiscences} ;-).

  2. Brut does it for me...one whiff of that and I'm gone back to wherever I was then. X

  3. Old Spice wafts me straight back to the early 1970s....and Hi Karate had a great advert with a glamzon hunting down some feckless arse that wore the aftershave.

    Those were the days....

    Ali x

  4. I wrote a music quiz one time where the teams got extra points if they could mime the actions to the music of the Old Spice advert :-) Pop quiz: name the music & composer ?

  5. i remember obsession...i'm surprised that certain scents stay around. i never did care for that one that much. your soaps always sound soooo delicious! :)

  6. Your soap looks wonderful! (and I first typed that as soup... am I hungry, maybe?)


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