Friday 8 October 2010

Bronze or Pottery

Today it is my 8th wedding anniversary, so I'm feeling quite celebratory that we've reached it: there have been a couple or three very tough times in there; we're both incredibly stubborn, which, although that can be detrimental to a relationship, can also mean that one doesn't walk out at the first hint of trouble.

Hypocrisy, you think ? After all, my first marriage failed: but you can't keep someone where they don't want to be, especially when they turned into a person totally different from the one you married, and refuse all help for their mental and substance abuse problems.

Anyway, never mind all that old poop, I'm happy to be talking about my current DH. He isn't, of course - he says I shouldn't write about him and give my biassed opinions about him since I'm not him, and it isn't fair as he can't put his point of view. He rarely reads this blog - he's an IT Luddite, he doesn't even have an email address - so I'm pretty much safe.

At the same time, I don't really do maudlin sentimentality - certainly not when I'm sober - so I'll just say that he's brilliant at cooking and fixing, a great Dad (most of the time) and even better at Other Stuff (I'm English enough to leave it enticingly at that); he can be very supportive and he usually knows when not to say anything rather than saying the wrong thing. He says he's romantic, but does nothing to prove it. In my opinion.

He kicks my butt when I need it, gives me unpleasant reality checks when I need it - and these are the things that make me occasionally contemplate divorce, or murder. Most likely murder, though, as it's cheaper. Then he smiles at me and I forgive him - again. Destructo Boy is also demonstrating that he has inherited this ability to charm his way out of trouble ....

Since the 8th anniversary is bronze or pottery, I found this lovely heart-shaped bowl:

Beautifully handmade by Susan, I got it through her Folksy shop, Caractacus Pots.

Here's a photo to show the color and glaze:

And here is what I have done with it - filled it with Hershey's Caramel Kisses mixed with Reese's Peanutbutter Cups:

It's also oven-proof, so it can be used practically and not just ornamentally after all the candy is gone's that for a definition of marriage. Plus, it's additional ammo to throw at him - and I do mean literally - during our next argument.


  1. Brilliant! My very best wishes to you both :)
    I too am careful what I say about DH - aside from feeling it inappropriate and disloyal to discuss one's spouse publicly (especially when one has a gripe), he does actually read my blog, so I have to be careful :D

  2. Hi there.
    I'm glad you liked the bowl
    I'm a bit disturbed at the the thought of you throwing it at your husband but I do approve of the sweet option.
    Happy anniversary I've just had my 26th. Lots of things have been thrown over the years but not any of my pottery!
    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog--I must get round to doing one.
    Best wishes Susan

  3. Congratulations! here's to many, many more happy years.

  4. Aw - happy anniversary farty!!!!

    The bowl and the sweeties are lovely and the bowl looks just the perfect weight for throwing across the room.

    I never made it to my second anniversary! I'm not the marrying kind.....

    Tertarus also is a bit of a luddite, but is sufficiently IT literate because of his job. I live in constant fear that he will log on from Mexico and berate me for being a domestic slattern in front of everyone!

    Happy Anniversary honey!

  5. We're about to our 8th, too! Congratulations! And what a lovely bowl...

  6. Aww congrats :) and what a lovely bowl! :)

  7. congrats on the anniversary - we just celebrated 10! Love the bowl, too.


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