Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Car Comparison

I had a letter recently that had a slight scent of 'scam' about it, even though it did not originate in Nigeria, and did not require me to pay anything in advance, I had merely to agree to a chunky percentage of 'commission'.

Google is my friend, which resulted in the discovery that I indeed have a little windfall coming my way, and one that also didn't require me to pay any commission to anyone. A perfectly-timed lovely little windfall that allowed me to partially pay some bills in advance - a nod to adulthood and responsibility a.k.a Boo Hiss Sucky - to book an appointment at the hairdresser (the first for 18 months), and also to book DH's 40th birthday present.

And since he doesn't generally read this blog (and I'll post again this week to drive this off the front page for just in case) I can share with you my self-congratulatory glee, pats and hugs: firstly, that I thought of it, secondly, that the windfall meant I could pay for it, and thirdly that Nanny (my MIL) will come to look after the kids for a couple of days so I can go and watch too ...

I have mentioned before that DH's favorite car is the Aston Martin DB9.

The chances of him owning it are about the same as if we won the lottery: which is when he can buy one. Doesn't matter that I try to tell him it's a fogey car for grumpy old men with too much money - a souped-up Rover, to all intents and purposes. It hasn't worked, he remains convinced it is uber-cool and worth every penny of its approx. £132,000 price tag. All I could do then was to book him this. I could have booked it to be a duo of Aston Martin/Lamborghini

- but the Lambo (classic 80s version, the Countach, shown here) is my car when we win the lottery; or Aston Martin/Ferrari, but Ferraris are ostentatiously vulgar. Hopefully this will persuade him that not only is the following almost within his budget, but is a far more unique and character-building ride:


  1. Yeah - he's not going to thank you for the reliant robin ;-)

    Aston Martin's are very cool though! Well done to you for a VERY considerate pressie!

    Ali x

  2. One of my Dad's colleagues has that Audi, and it's shiiiiiiinyyyyyy. I don't think I'd mind that present if I were DH!


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