Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wednesday's Child

... is full of woe. But that's not me, OK, because I've had it with moping around aimlessly. The amitriptyline made me feel sludgy and half-asleep all the time, but did not prevent waking in the night: I ought to have asked the doctor why a sedative instead of a sleeping tablet, but by the end of my appointment I was too weary to argue. So I've had it with that too, and kicked my own (ever-expanding) butt instead.

The doctor's great idea for dealing with my weight gain, by the way, was to exercise/join a gym and change my diet. This was without asking me anything about my lifestyle first, so I just looked at her with my mouth agape, since my diet is pretty healthy (very little fried or fatty food, lots of salads, little meat, no chocolate, few sweeties or cakes) and hasn't changed, and also because I get at least 1 hour of brisk walking 5 days out of 7.

Instead I've had a really productive couple of days ...I listed two new soaps on Misi - but not Folksy, because the listing facility seems to be broken, along with their technical support - and they are lovely, even if I say so myself.

Since asses' milk is proving somewhat challenging to source these days, I used goatsmilk as the liquid in this fabulously rich and creamy soap, named Cleopatra's Delight; shea butter, cocoa butter, a generous helping of calendula petals into the mix, and a fragrance that Cleo herself would have considered decadent - and her due - a combination of musky myrrh, rose, jasmine, and patchouli, and the result is a lightly textured soap with a really luxurious lather and scent.

Also cured and ready to go is my new Caramel Kiss soap: made with the usual lashings of shea butter and cocoa butter, with honey and Maple Syrup added to enrich and provide 'background' for the rich, fudgy, caramel fragrance, Mini Diva has decided it is her new favorite. Smells like sweeties, but none of the calories ...

And in the spirit of embracing new things, I am experimenting with a Facebook storefront that is linked to my business page; here I will have a slightly different offer than in my Folksy or Misi shops .... click the 'like' button and see what difference it makes ....


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. And your half-term slobbery sounds like a thin slice of heaven to me. Imagine, kids home and the house trashed only once!

  2. Ooh, those new soaps sound delightfully decadent and delicious! Hope the medical stuff doesn't get you down too much - sad but true, they often say things with no relation to your actual life, and little awareness of what else is going on even in medical terms.


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