Friday 5 November 2010

Friday Frenzy

I love to barter/swap/trade: before now, I've traded tarot readings for reflexology treatments (can we say 'fab-u-lous' ?), scented handmade candles and melts, and I've traded my own handmade soap for tarot decks. Recently I traded a tarot reading for some bath & beauty goodies, all the way from sunny Florida; Celeste, who must be one of the very, very rare people without an online selling site of some sort, also known as The Soap Pedaler, sent me a super box of yummy-smelling stuff:

I'm using the Linden soap right now: small, tight bubbly lather, and again, a great fragrance; Mini-Diva already snitched the organic peppermint lip balm; and I think the Lavender & Rose shampoo and conditioner are really great: the shampoo is harder to lather than the commercial stuff I'm used to, but the conditioner feels lovely and goopy, yet rinses out easily, leaving a fantastic scent that really hangs on, so that you get whiffs of it all day. Thanks, Celeste.

I have completed the front of the SoD2,which I feel is not bad going:

It's actually charcoal grey, not that blue-ish as it looks; but it's about to pour down, so the light today is dodgy. As proven by the also-rubbish photo of my Harebell Stitch lace scarf, which I've made as a Xmas present for our neighbor, Su, using a steel blue shade of Kidsilk Haze on 5mm needles:

I know knitting a scarf for a woman who wears flip-flops in the winter snow might seem a bit odd, but it's just her shade, and very light and fine, and thus may fool her into thinking it's not actually for warmth ...

Now I have to go run round and do lots of things - not least of which is the reading for Celeste - plus, housework; go to school for a scheduled talk with Mini-Diva's teacher, which could be interesting given that the Ofsted report sent home yesterday shows the school has dropped a grade, down to a mere 3; cook dinner, because it's Friday; collect Destructo Boy from his friend's house after tea; buy tickets for tonight's fireworks .... as long as it isn't raining: memories of last year's debacle are still all too clear, and even the promise of hot spiced cider is not enough to get me out in that again.


  1. All this frenzied activity, I'm assuming you're STILL managing to keep off the fags then?!

    Scarf looks BEAUTIFUL and the smellies look lovely. I wish I had something to barter with people for. Anyone need a small boy? Slightly soiled?

    Ali x

  2. I would barter for Scottish Heather Honey :-)And yes, am still off the smokes ...

  3. The scarf is lovely. And I feel you on the dodgy lighting. I've been having the worst time getting pictures that are true to color.

  4. The sweater is looking great, SoD will have to sand for Sweater of Delights from now on. I'm stymied on mine, I know how I want the sleeves to look, but don't know if I'm up to knitting them that way. Thanks for your comment the other day. Are American politics viewed as a sort of sick joke there, as they have begun to be here? Some of us wonder how we have the nerve to send observers to oversee elections elsewhere when ours have been such a mess.

  5. The lace scarf is goregous! I can't imagine the time it took to knit it!

  6. oh i really must get into the gist of trading tarot readings for goodies. I just don't know how to go about it. How do you do it? Online or other ways?

    Love the scarf

  7. I know what you mean about the light, it's been murder taking pictures in my neck of the woods too. My poor white box is struggling.
    And I know exactly what you mean about loving to barter/swap/trade - i think I may be addicted!

  8. The scarf is totally fabulous.. lucky neighbor~


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