Monday 29 November 2010

What's the Buzz ?

No blog posts since last week ! And I can't even blame NaNoWriMo, as I didn't take part, but only instigated the crime that Sara, Ania, Kristina and Alison committed; I waved virtual pom-poms from the sidelines instead, offering random plot twists, methods of delivering poison, and vocabulary, as their novels moved from beginning through 50,000 words until the end .... well done, ladies !

I have been feeling overwhelmed, and DH told me it was because I had taken on too much again. He was right (no, of course I didn't tell him that) and so now I am refusing to panic: it will be what it will be. Packaging is so not the fun thing it used to be: I just cannot get the hang of cellophane, and so I have scheduled tomorrow afternoon for my ripitallapartandtryagain session. The problem is soap gift baskets for a very small craft fair thingy at the weekend.
Hints and tips welcomed ....

Destructo Boy needs some 'Festive Cakes' for the 'Winter Wonderland' after school on Friday, as well as a raffle prize. I don't even know what the 'Winter Wonderland' is, but I shall drag my carcass along regardless. I need to finish putting up bookcases at my father's house, where the carpet cleaning firm has been booked, the Asda booze order done, the butcher yet to go. Destructo Boy has a party to attend on Saturday ... at the same time, I need to photograph and list my new soaps; housework is always there, lurking like a dead mouse decomposing behind a radiator on full. Not that I would know what that was like. Not at all. And on top of all this, the cold temperatures just close me down physically: I was hoping that the weight gain would render me more immune to the cold, but no luck so far.

In good news, DH and I have been discussing getting another dog, as it's been about a year since Maxie went to Dog Heaven. I want a dog, and DH doesn't: so we have come to a compromise - we are getting a German Shepherd from the lovely people over at the Sussex German Shepherd Rescue; it is my combined Christmas and birthday present, as the cats were last year. We passed the homecheck, and now have only to wait for the Right Dog to turn up. Actually, DH likes GSDs - we have both owned one before; and so this is also my reward to myself for having quit smoking: what I would have spent on cigarettes per week, means that I can persuade myself that we can afford to feed and insure a dog.

We also have a visitor with us this week. Meet Cuddles the Monkey:

who has come home from school with Destructo Boy for a week; I believe everybody gets a turn, and from the travel journal that accompanies him, I can tell that not only Cuddles, but several children in Destructo Boy's class, are seriously spoiled, and I am going to have to be at my most inventive and innovative to surpass Cuddles' previous experiences. Not that I am Howard Hughes, but Cuddles' first experience in our household will be a bath .....

and after that, I may have to ignore the ominous looming of self-imposed dread that is the SoDMk2 in order to knit Cuddles some raiment ... perhaps a scarf and a snazzy tank top, against the winter snow ....


  1. Congrats on passing the home assessment! Have you thought of organza bags for the soaps? Good luck for the event :D

  2. Oh Viv - I totally peed myself laughing at Cuddles in the washing machine!! Howard Hughes lol!

    How marvellous that you are getting the dog as a reward to yourself for giving up the fags. He'll get you out the house and destress you. Unless he starts to eat your carpets....but let's not think about that!

    Yes - you certainly cheer-leadered us. Chair-led? Whatever. From the sidelines. We are going to make you read every sodding word that we have written. Sort of pate de fois gras for people who tell us that nanowrimo is a good idea... ;-)

    You'll be fine as far as the wrapping goes. Is there not a website that is entirely dedicated to wrapping things beautifully? I bet there is!

    And don't knit something for the monkey, just take a picture of him somewhere exotic, like your dad's house before the carpets are cleaned ;-)

    Lotsaluv and congrats on the dog!

    Ali x

  3. Keep waving those pom-poms, I still have a good 25,000 words to go beyond the 50k I've already done :D
    You are so lucky to be allowed a GSD as a pressie. Enjoy :D

  4. When did you give up smoking? Well done! Take a picture of that monkay next to an exotic poster at the travel agent - they'll never know. And please knit it a tank top - awesome!!

  5. Cuddles looks like he's trying to escape the wash, but he's keeping the smile on his face.

    Congrats on the dog and way to go on adopting! I'm on a crusade to get my friends to adopt instead of buying from breeders. As if there aren't enough orphan dogs in the world.

    As for the cold, you need to put a beer coat on...


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