Monday 8 November 2010

New Week, New Yarns

So while I'm waiting for a batch of oils and lye to cool down, I thought I'd dash off a little blog post; after all, if my literary friends can manage the 1700 or so words a day demanded by NaNoWriMo, surely I can reach for the sky and attempt a mere couple of hundred ?

Especially when I can tell you all about the new yarn shop - or more accurately, boutique - that just opened up the road from me, in Woodbridge. DH being his usual easy-going self drove me out there on Saturday, even though I didn't know the name of the shop or where exactly it was (Woodbridge is not a large place, however).

It turns out it is called Twist, and is just by the Shire Hall. It is so new it still smells of new carpet, which itself is still that special kind of new-springy. The lighting is designer-style but still allows one to see the colors of the yarn; the custom-built cubbyholes for the yarn are not so much cubbyholes as cubby walls: of which a good quarter is filled with Noro yarns. The colors are almost as interesting as I had heard, but the texture is also scratchy and harsh, as I'd also heard.

There was lots of Debbie Bliss, some lovely Louisa Harding, plenty of Rowan and Sublime. Somehow, 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss 'Andes' (baby alpaca & mulberry silk)

fell into the posh paper bag, along with the 2 tissue-paper-wrapped balls of Rooster Almerino Aran ... The Artesanos and Manos del Uruguay yarns had not yet arrived; also absent was any laceweight, again awaiting delivery. Already the Rooster is transforming:

The service was friendly and welcoming - a refreshing change when it comes to high-end yarn shops; and the pricing was also reasonable. All she needs to do is instal some unobtrusive background music, a coffee machine and a couple more sofas, and institute a knit morning ....


  1. Wow - a shop with CARPET??!

    *impressed face* She's going to have some bother keeping THAT clean over the next few months!

    Wool looks beautiful and yet I am humbled by your knitting talent (year, well I got fed up being humbled by all your other ones and just thought I'd be humbled by the yarn one today)....

    There should be a nanowrimo for knitting a naknitmo or something. Get it organised.

    Ali x

  2. Yay for new yarn shops! I'm glad they were friendly. I don't know if it's my age or something else, but I don't meet too many friendly LYS employees *whinewhinewhine*

    I love that scarf! So sweet, and I bet it'll be cosy too!

  3. OOOF I love the look of that andes. Seen it in my LYS but financial restrictions and all that :D what you gunna make?


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