Wednesday 16 May 2012

Gambled and Won

Morgan Greer
So I'm celebrating a few things today: the bathroom is finished, the builders have gone ... for the time being; they'll be back to insulate the bathroom roof. The plaster dust and mud has been vacuumed and mopped away, the layer of dust on the furniture has been polished away. Even I, with my high tolerance threshold for mess (read: slatternly ways) was finding it all irritating by the end.

My friend Steph of stephcuddles, who makes amazing stitchmarkers, is staying with me for a day or so while she attends an interview (she wore a hoodie in the most eye-wateringly acid yellow I've ever seen so that I could identify her at the train station)  - so the card is inaccurate as far as numbers go, as there's only two of us. 

But best of all, though, we all woke up alive in our beds this morning: she isn't a perverted axe-murderer, as we are warned that internet friends infallibly are. Yaay, internet and Ravelry win !

The hostess gifts she brought with her were wine, yarn, and chocolate; while I was out at hip-hop class with the children, she washed up; she likes cats and doesn't mind the dog, even though he is moulting; she has no odd dietary needs. As you can see, she is the perfect guest. 

 Look at the beautiful yarn she brought me:

It is Yarn Addict Supreme Sock, 400m of yummy merino and silk, in the colorway 'Dream Blue'. It is very soft.

You may be thinking you have seen a similar color on my blog before: well done ! You have.

This is also Yarn Addict, but Silk Lace in the colorway 'Jewel'. Also a gift from Steph. She's not really living up to her 'Queen of Green' title with these beautiful turquoises, is she ? She may have to abdicate.

 If she ever wants to stay with you, have her.


  1. How lovely to meet a blog friend and especially if she brings wine, chocolate and most importantly of all - YARN!

  2. Wine, chocolate, AND yarn? Can you send her to my house when you're done?

  3. Wonderful yarn! And how nice that she came to stay with you!!! And she did the washing up?! My kind of house-guest!

    Ali x

  4. Sounds like the perfect house guest! She had me at the wine and chocolate, never mind the gorgeous coloured yarn!! :)

    Glad you're still alive though :D
    Off to plant some peony's with the little one now (finally got some!!)

  5. Yay Steph and Vivianne - one more meaning for WIP! Wonderful Internet Peoples! I bet you two have a grand time, and Best of Luck to Steph on her interview.

  6. Most importantly, the bathroom is done!!!! Will we get to see the after shots?

    And good on stephcuddles for bringing most excellent gifts - she should ace the interview. :)

  7. Awwww Viv! Thank you for having me, and of course! House guests have to bring gifts - it would be plain wrong not to :)

  8. Sounds like you all had fun. Lovely yarn!


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