Wednesday 23 May 2012

WIP Wednesday 94: Three's Company

Tarot of the Old Path

How quick it rolls around - another WIP Wednesday: something I haven't managed to take part in for a while. And I must confess I have departed from the straight and narrow: I have abandoned serial monogamy for the pleasures and guilt of polygamy - I have 3 WIPs on the go currently.

Unfortunately, Lily's Slice of Pi has made no progress since we spoke about it last; she has become the needy, clingy over-emotional friend that we all have and can only spend a limited amount of time with before we are itching for something fast, simple and easy. No, not a man. That way lies only a different form of crazy.

This is actually 'Delphinium' blue, and not some weird shade of charcoal grey, and is the summer shrug for Mini Diva. The slinkiness of the Twilleys Freedom Gorgeous DK enticed me, and I strayed ... what can I tell you ?

And then, of course, you might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb; my new next-door neighbor is expecting, in about a week, so I thought I'd make the Vintage Baby Cardigan again, as its 4ply demand fits right in the middle of the other two projects:

Stylecraft Special 4ply in 'Pale Rose'; lovely and easy to knit with, good yardage and good value. See those mehusive paws ? Yes, me too.

Remember to pop over to Tami's for more loveliness and less craziness .... I blame the almost overwhelming heady scent of the lilacs in the house: Katherine Havemeyer is here.


  1. this all looks beautiful - as ever. Dawgie paws dangerously close to tiny knitting project!

    Mini Diva will love her summer wardrobe!

    Ali x

  2. All are gorgeous so I completely understand how monogamy went out the window. :-)

  3. Beautiful projects! I think project monogamy can be overrated, but then I'm a serial cheater!!

  4. Lovely colours, gorgeous knitting! The combined colours of your work look sea-shellish... oh how I'd like to be on a breezy beach today :) I confess I'm rubbish at project monogamy. I love having lots of projects on the go! :)


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