Wednesday 2 May 2012

Still Here

Well, I made it. I posted every day of the 3rd Knitting and Crochet week, except for one - the Photography Challenge, which was just too big of a challenge for me. Voting is open now here for the 10 finalists, and it is well worth a look, the standard is very high indeed.

I am pleased that I took part, and my tea breaks for the next few days and maybe even weeks will be taken up by checking out some more of the other blogs that also took part. 

But it kind of left me without much to say about knitting, for the moment. Well, that and the fact that 'A Clash of Kings' which I had ordered at the library came in, and we watched Happy Feet 2 (11/10) - worth it for Bill and Will the Krill on their own - and Puss in Boots(7/10) at the weekend.

So I guess I'll tell you that Mini Diva arrived back from her first residential school trip in fine fettle, and not even as muddy as one might expect after three days of dyke-dipping, thatching, a boat trip and various outdoor games in the wettest April on record for years. She told me she might have missed me [] that much. Do you see that ? Not even room in there for a punctuation mark of some kind. 

How Hill, Norfolk Broads

Which means either I'm a great Mum whose incredible maternal skills are resulting in a very confident and self-reliant girl, or Mini Diva is a sociopath in the making. No, no votes on that, thank you.

And to the person who nudged me into posting today by asking when was I going to because they were waiting to read it: I am thankful for you in my life every day  quite frequently  sometimes  when it occurs to me.

Oh yes, since you asked so nicely, let me pass you this:


  1. Where is the REAL Viv?! Give her back to us right NOW!!!

    Glad that DD had a great time. I was supposed to send you a photo of m'shawl and I furgut *hangs head in shame*


    Ali x

  2. So which one did you vote for? I agree it was a *very* difficult decision - and several I had not seen until just then.

  3. Our kitty is very purry fluffy today and not slashy scratchy at all, Ali - enjoy the moment LOL

  4. I'm glad DD had a great time away and learnt a lot.
    Nice to see you back Viv! :)

  5. sounds like quite the trip.....well done for equiping her with adventerous confidence!!


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