Monday 21 May 2012

Why Me ?

Barbara Walker Tarot
So I had planned on blogging this morning, as I know how much you've missed me and wanted to know what's been happening; but meanwhile I had an argument with my DH that, because of his pigheadedness, resulted in me wanting to stab him over and over and over and over. And over. Again. Lucky he's in his truck, at work. ... 

I was questioning why I had bothered with marriage again - like the first one wasn't lesson enough, fer pete's sake - when I read this blog post, which reminded me that a few more unicorns and rainbows wouldn't go amiss. So I will come back later with some fluffiness when I have buried him calmed down.


  1. Dead bodies make terrific tomato plant fertilisers. Just sayin'....

    You are, of course, a fully fledged member of the Jaggy Knives Wives Club (if you ever feel your knife arm twitching involuntarily as you try to talk sensibly to your partner/husband, you're in)

    Don't stab him until it's all sorted out. Unless he's highly insured.

    Ali x

    1. Wanna do for Tartarus at the same time ? ;-)

  2. We could bury them together - or possibly bury Tartarus's torso with YOUR DH's limbs and vice versa. Honestly, it won't matter HOW we dispose of the bodies, there isn't a court in the land that would convict us *nods sagely*

  3. I agree, no court would convict you. The two of you are saints! Well, not saints of housework, but other than that... :D


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