Friday 20 June 2014

FO Friday: Triplet

Tarot of the 78 Doors

I know you'll be disappointed but not surprised that neither the Wild Flowers MKAL Shawl nor Yalinka is here -clue 4 arrived in my inbox this morning, and Yalinka is getting to the size where a row is not a quick thing to achieve.

So instead I have photos of 3 baby sweaters I did recently for a friend of mine who is expecting her Surprise Baby any day now:

This was her favorite - and I like it too, for the cable and how clever the striping is. I have made it before, but this time I paid more attention, so there are no unplanned 'design features'.

The following sweater I found in an issue of Woman's Weekly Knitting & Crochet magazine. I made the edges a different color to add a little extra interest. I liked the patterned cuffs and bottom, and the star motif came out OK, but it is back fastening and I didn't like the way the neck is done, so I probably won't bother doing this one again:

And finally, this lovely vintage cardigan in 4ply - I hadn't made it for a boy before, but I think it works pefectly well in this lovely traditional baby blue:


And of course, the buttons are just great. They 'make' the outfit, and to me show just how important the 'little' things can be - putting plain old cheap ordinary buttons on this would have been a shame.

While I plod on, why not browse the lovely things over at Tami's Amis ....

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  1. What sweet sweaters. How lucky the new babe is to have a connection to you. I agree, buttons make the sweater. I often pay too much for buttons, but coming from a sewing background, they have always been my passion.

  2. Beautiful sweaters, If I thought I was going to get a haul like that I'd go get renaissanced.

  3. Oh, those are all beautiful. As you say, the buttons really make the last one. I love the star detail, too. Gorgeous gifts, indeed!


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