Wednesday 25 June 2014

WIP Wednesday 200: Weedfree

Whimsical Tarot

I haven't made much progress with the Yalinka Shawl; I don't think I like it much - but I persevere as I might have been affected by the dodgy yarn, rather than just the pattern itself. Plus, I don't think I could bear to rip it back again. Plus, Auntie Fashion is no longer able to go to the function for which she wished to wear it: she is home again, extremely tired and in a wheelchair.

So today let's look at sunny photos of my roses:

Absent Friends, floribunda

Sweet Dreams, scented patio rose

wish I hadn't lost the label - a scented patio rose

I think this is Sweet Magic, scented patio rose

This last rose is the one that suffered most from the move - but she is making a determined effort at a comeback.

And I did start a new knitting project, since I've completed the MKAL, and don't want to work on Yalinka. I wanted something simple, quick, straightforward, and using much thicker yarn than laceweight. So here is the beginning of the Ghislaine Gloves in the Artesano Hummingbird 4ply that looked so ugly as a shawl:

Yes, I know, it doesn't actually tick any of the required boxes; I may have to go rummage in the stash storage to find some of the chunky yarn my sister gave me. How long do we give it before you count me lost and send in a rescue party ?

Meanwhile, over at Tami's Amis .....


  1. Lovely roses! "How long do we give it before you count me lost and send in a rescue party?" I say 4 hours. Anything less and you could just be enjoying visiting your stash. At 4 hours, I think it's time for intervention.

  2. Love the pictures of your roses :)

  3. Pretty roses. After the movie ends on my blog, I'll be posting some rose pics for you. Unfortunately, none of them are scented, but they're pretty to look at.

  4. Love your roses. DD has some gorgeous ones atm, but mine have been and gone for the moment so will have to await the next lot :)


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