Monday 9 June 2014

Mystery Monday

Spiral Tarot Deck

Having survived both the torrential downpours and thunderstorms of Saturday, and the scorching heat of Sunday (endured while watching Mini Diva play cricket at a rather picturesque location), today is somewhat humid and overcast - but, ever optimistic, I have washing out on the line to dry anyway. We must hope that it holds off until after Mini Diva's Quad Kids competition (for which I could not find one single solitary updated link) this afternoon.

All the rain and sunshine has been excellent for the gardens this year - the last remaining rose we inherited on our move to this house has finally showed not only it's colors, but that it, too, is scented:

So it is only the scentless red rose on death row. He may be joined later by the incredibly boring columnar cypress ....

The Wild Flower MKAL continues - here is mine at the end of Clue 1:

Yep, looks like a ruffly sparkly nothing, and probably will until it's finished and blocked.

That's your lot for now, just a little update while I remembered; I feel the urge to go raid the kitchen for red velvet cupcakes. 

What diet ?


  1. I love how that WIP is looking. I can't wait to see it all worked up. :)

  2. It is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it done.


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