Wednesday 11 June 2014

WIP Wednesday 198: Carousel

Whimsical Tarot

The sun has been out all week so far, and June is just bustin' out all over - and I don't mean only me. Look at my gorgeous marguerite, planted in a nook in the patio wall thing:

And her big sister, leucanthemum 'Snow Queen' in the front garden:

And I am slowly but surely making progress on the Yalinka Shawl - but I must say, it does seem super-slow  ... like treacle on a cold day:

If you're bored, look really closely and see if you can spot the beads that are dotted about. Or else, pop to Tami's Amis for other lovely projects ...... I think I must look around for another blog linky party thing, as Tami often forgets to host in a timely manner: if you know of any good ones, please let me know.

Don't be deceived - this is one of the most saddest films ever in the world. You're welcome.


  1. We must be sisters, that song is the first thing I thought when I saw your title. LOL! That was a real nice clam bake! As to my color work method. On these I am just floating the yarn behind even when the sts are 5-7 in length. They will be lined so no need to twist the float. But on other things that are not lined I usually wrap all floats when the yarn travels over 4-5 sts in length. And I always hold the background color above the design color.

  2. That shawl will be absolutely gorgeous once it's done!!

  3. Lovely flowers :) and I'll say ditto on the shawl; it will be absolutely gorgeous,

  4. Those flowers are so beautiful! They say "summer" to me more than any other flower.


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