Wednesday 4 June 2014

WIP Wednesday 197: A Bit More Grumping

Tarot of Durer

It's looking very similar to this card outside my house right now. Except for the Cups and the dove. So far it is the kind of summer that England is famous for. But actually, the card is here to describe my mood - I started the Yalinka Shawl by Alina Appasov: her designs are quite lovely (I've made the Lale Lace Shawl but have neglected to post photos yet). 

However, owing to a serious error I made at the beginning of the lace section, which I couldn't find and therefore couldn't fix, I had to rip it back to the start. No, don't talk to me of lifelines, thank you all the same. Having made it through 4 repeats of the stockinette section, I pulled the work off my needles and chucked it hard into a corner when for the 6th time, this happened:

It's Austermann Merino Lace which has been in my stash for a couple of years; in addition to the breaks, there were also a few places where 1 strand had come apart, leaving only 1 strand to be knitted. Not only do I plan to bead this shawl, it is a special commission with a complex pattern: there is no point trying to attempt it with such sub-standard materials - how awful would it feel if on blocking, washing or wearing it suddenly disintegrated ? I have started for the 3rd time, and so far the other ball seems OK:

Auntie Fashion also dumped on gifted me her remaining yarns (more about which another time), and amongst the melee was this:

A hand-made child's sweater from somewhere or other which she was frogging in order to re-use the yarn - but she doesn't know what the yarn is. I would love to find out, as it's such a fabulous color - I also love the texture and very slight fuzz; it feels like a DK. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE let me know.

While you ponder that problem, pop over to Tami's Amis to see what else is going on ....


  1. Sometimes it goes that way. I had nothing but trouble with my Glasgow Rose shawl. I kept making mistakes, then ran out of yarn half way through the edging (hand-dyed one off), then ended up with three patches where the edging had come adrift. I still haven't fixed it in one place, which is why there are no pics as yet despite my having (notionally) finished it last October. The joys of knitting fun stuff.

  2. sorreeeeee to read this. It must have been utterly heart-breaking to rip it all back, Viv :-(


  3. Sorry about your problems with the Austermann. That first ball of yarn reminds me of all the complaints I used to hear about some of Noro's yarns.

  4. This is exactly why one should only stick to garter stitch. :-)

  5. I am furious with that Austermann Merino Lace on your behalf. SO FRUSTRATING.


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