Saturday, 11 September 2010

Blog Hub Swap: Day 2

In between running to the post office to send off my first few orders received through my Folksy shop and Twitter (yes, I am bragging, showing off and blushing self-consciously all at the same time) and setting up my Misi shop - link also in the sidebar - I squished in time to open my second parcel of the Blog Hub Swap, from my swap partner Mooncalf.

Since there were no instructions about the sequence after No.1, today I chose to open the golden-leafed envelope entitled 'Need a Break ?' This is what was inside:

The card said it was to keep me refreshed. Upon opening the cupcake-motifed cloth wallet, there was part of an English person's Zombie survival kit:

ie. tea. And not just any old Blue Stripe teabags filled up with the dusty broken little twigs and floor-sweepings from behind the door of the packing room, this is the good stuff: Keemun from Twinings. And when the tea is used up, I have the perfect use for this cute little wallet - watch this space in about ... umm ... 2 weeks time.

Now I have to go explore why cupcakes suddenly seem to be the 'It' item/theme/trend of the moment holidays to Scotland - a miserable bleak, grey, wet and cold place - were the 'in' thing amongst my friends this summer.


  1. I LOVE that tea wallet! I totally need one of those for my school bag. Maybe we can beg Ms. Mooncalf to post a tutorial.

  2. That's lovely! Glad to hear that you are getting orders woooohoooo! Will pay you this week :-)

    Ali x

  3. I love Keemun! Buggered if I can find it in teabags anywhere tho and loose leaf tea is such a chore :(


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