Thursday, 16 September 2010

Blog Hub Swap: Day 6

And now, the end is near, and now I face the final curtain ....

I almost can't believe I actually managed to leave the squishy package til last. I must be finally all growed-up. It's not like all the other gifts weren't lovely - they were, absolutely; but I think most people will be itching to check out their yarn. I didn't blog about this yesterday, although it could be counted as a WIP, for rather a rather sneaky reason: when my swap partner recipient Stephcuddles received my box, she was on occasion tardy at blogging about the contents (justifiably - she was in the middle of moving house, and had no internet) and I was surpised to find out just how much I wanted to read her reactions to what I'd chosen for her.

Of course, I extrapolated from that, that everyone feels identically about it. So I thought I'd extend Mooncalf's torture and blog about it today instead. Inside the squish was this:

100g of Colinette Jitterbug in the colorway 'Ginger Cinnabar'; 100% merino superwash fingering (4ply) wool. The name is almost as good as the color; and the color is well within my palette of favorites. So I think Mooncalf might be suggesting I make Liesel using the 3.75mm Addi Lace needles and this lovely autumn-hued yarn .... the drooping elm leaf stitch pattern it involves will certainly suit it nicely.

Thanks so much, Mooncalf, for being a thoughtful swap partner, and for all the lovely gifts.


  1. And if you felt like adding in a few matching beads...

    I'm glad you love the colour. When I read you liked russet I remembered finding this yarn hard to resist!

    There is a lovely liesel on Rav knit with jitterbug on 3.75mm needles but whatever you choose to make I am sure it with be gorgeous!

  2. beautiful - can't wait to see a finished product!

    Ali x


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