Monday, 13 September 2010

Blog Hub Swap: Day 4

Monday again, and my carer for the last week, Auntie Fashion, suitably refreshed and relaxed by her visit with me, has left to return to the insanity that is her own home life: infested by teens and their dramas.

So with Housework Hits on the TV, a cup of milky weak coffee and a home-made choc-chip muffin (don't even ask if I made it, you know me better than that) I can turn my attention to my Blog Hub Swap parcel for today:

Mooncalf's packaging of the mini-parcels has been delicious, I'm sure you will agree: I love pretty paper bags, and these are so dinky ! And I shall even find a use for the decorative yet functional mini-clothespeg. Inside these bags were these:

The mini-owl broach was in the owl paper bag, and the bronzey beads and baby sparklers in the bag labelled 'Sparkles & Sparklers'. I have been thinking about attempting some beading in my knitting, so having these gives me less excuse not to give it a go. The colors of the owl and the beads is just what I like too.

And I think there is a bit of a theme emerging ... and it is 'Of the Night'


  1. I now have a horrible feeling you might run out of gifts before day 7. I think these were two separate parcels. I can't remember now. Oh no.

    And you're right about the nighttime theme - I hadn't even noticed! And I'm glad you like the colour of the beads. I hoped they were what you'd consider 'russet'. When I saw you like that colour it immediately made me think of turning autumn leaves and inspired some of your gifts. The sparklers were a Bonfire Night-y thought...

  2. what a cute owl... and he even came in an owl bag ^..^

  3. I love owls... very cute... and adore sparklers on a dark night... what fun...


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