Sunday, 12 September 2010

Blog Hub Swap: Day 3

Well, whatever choice I made today was going to be a winner, since good surprises are always winners. So I did't choose - Mini-Diva did.

She chose a small, intriguing package:

And inside was this fine fellow, who looks like me when I'm cold and huddled up for the winter, except for I have no color and he is a ruby-red blood color; perhaps he has sucked me dry ?

I thought this was both clever and witty, escpecially how his wings are done up with a heart. Here he is having a stretch:

I am becoming increasingly curious as to how Mooncalf chose these items as relevant to me - I need to grab the caboose on her train of thought ...


  1. She obviously thinks you're BATS!!!!

    Or Bay Area Tarot Symposium?!

    Love the amigurumi stuff. Blair wants me to have a go at crocheting something. Like a Ninja Warrior from a book that I've had for YEARS and only looked at.

    Love the little bat ;-D


  2. Well, I'll try to explain my thought process...

    You're a creative person and every creative person need a notebook to capture moments of inspiration :)

    I knew you liked a good cup of tea and I think that a discerning tea drinker should always travel with her favourite cuppa.

    And, erm, a bat! I wanted something that would go with the autumnal theme I was aiming for and he was halloween-ish. And I thought you seemed like you'd give him a good home. And maybe an interesting name...

  3. I love the bat... nothing like a walk in the gloaming with the bats swooping around catching the midges... very cool...

  4. His name is Christopher, after the best Dracula ever :-)


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