Wednesday, 15 September 2010

WIP Wednesday 5

Today, it's all about me, dahlink. You can find normal programming of WIPWs at Tami's blog.

Those who know me, know already that I'm an optimist: I firmly and strongly believe that there is a good side or aspect (silver lining) to everything; sometimes it's a challenge to find it, but it is always there.

Recently, I posted about weight gain: sometime during the past year or so, I have put on 14 lbs; in spite of expanding by pretty much 2 dress sizes so that only one pair of my jeans still fits, I still count as healthy and not overweight. The jeans that fit me are the ones DH bought me for doing cellar work when I returned to paid employment 5 months after having Destructo Boy (I weighed 147 lbs at the end of the pregnancy), and I weighed about 132 lbs or so. I dropped it all and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 115 lbs within 6 weeks: smoking again and stress do serve a purpose.

Thing is, that time I didn't know if the weight gain was because I stopped smoking or from being pregnant (both happened at the same time). I've stopped smoking again (see my counter in my sidebar) and am definitely not pregnant, plus the weight gain happened before I stopped smoking. So why do I feel like a walrus ?

such a small mouth for such a large animal

I think it may be because I have never had to consider my weight before: I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and stayed the same; bar the indigestion, of course. And of course, pregnancy changes the shape of your body irretrievably, but I'd adjusted to that eventually. Age also changes your body - and more importantly, your metabolism: this is what I'm ascribing it to, since I am physically active and take regular exercise (brisk walks, 40 minutes a day minimum).

Now I am on a quest for acceptance. My own acceptance of this change. It's going to be permanent, that I know, since I am definitely not high maintenance enough (and also physically a coward when it comes to pain and doctors) to demand my DH sells his soul or body - whichever would bring most financial reward - to pay for liposuction; and oh-soooo-certainly I am WAY too lazy to go the gym. Even if I could find it, and then work out what the equipment in there is for and how it works.

DH, bless his little cotton socks, has been great: he has tottered, wobbled and teetered on that super-sensitive and spiderweb-thin fine line and managed to retain not only his balance, but also to remain unstabbed.

But to return to my original point: the silver lining. For the only time in my life apart from pregnancy, I'm now a D cup.


  1. Okay! Self acceptance is a good thing! A sense of humor is even better!

  2. Are you SURE that's its mouth.......

    Ali x

  3. Alison, I thought it was confusing - hence the caption :-D

  4. I feel your pain. I used to eat anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. I struggled with my weight...I never gained any! So when I would get sick, I would lose too much. Now? Oy! Since I hit like 29-30 (I'll be 31 next month), not only do I gain weight, I can't get it off. In the last 2 years, I've gained about 15 won't come off no matter what I do! Some would still call me "skinny" maybe, but I feel fat for me? Does that make sense?

  5. Yes, Tami, that totally makes sense :-)

  6. I love it that you've found a silver lining. Women come in all shapes and sizes -- it's sad that so many spend so much time being angry with themselves about how they look.

  7. Oh I so am with you! I went back to my pre pregnancy weight in a few months after my DS was born. But then after that I started gaining weight in the last year(I think it was after I stopped B Feeding) and I'm having a hard time shedding it. Aerobics, Yoga, swimming nothing helped. So just like you, I've decided this is what my weight is going to be. The key is to stay fit and healthy even if I'm on the chubbier side, so I still exercise.

  8. Well done on the not-smoking. The stats are really interesting. I wonder if there is a similar thing for crisps and chocolate?

  9. The same has happened to me in the last year without a pregnancy, my DH is quite pleased with the added curves though so I'm just trying to accept it myself.


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