Wednesday, 8 September 2010

WIP Wednesday 4: New Venture

Well, I finally kind of got it all together, with the generous help of some of Mah Gurls (Alison, Halcyon and Mimi, I lurves you) and so I can now unveil my latest Work In Progress - but if shameless self-promotion bothers you, look away now .....

And they are now all available from here:

There's a permanent link in my sidebar as well , so don't worry, you can always find it ....

Thanks again to Tami, for promoting the WIP Wednesdays ....


  1. These soaps look lovely! Too bad I'm not living in the UK... I tried making soap one year, but let's not go too deep into that..

  2. LOL Fiolinn, I will ship international ...

  3. Those look positively yummy! We have several small-scale soap producers in my area, and I try to patronize them; I hope your customers find you.

  4. Awesome! Congrats on the new venture! I would definitely be a customer if it weren't for my freakishly sensitive skin! LOL

  5. So glad you got the parcel! I sent it first class and recorded because I'm very impatient and wanted to be sure you got it :)

    I really hope the gifts are to your liking. I did my best to find things you'd enjoy. Fingers crossed!

  6. Oh my goodness - well done! They look great! I hope you get lots of sales x

  7. These look FABLAS! Really fab pix too - tons of luck with it sweetie. Will need to put in an order directly!

    Ali x


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