Thursday, 30 September 2010


Well, one of the two TABI beginner's tarot courses is just about reaching the end; the other is just over halfway through. The AGM is coming up, and my period as temporary acting Training Administrator will be over. This will free up quite a bit of mental time and attention, which I'm looking forward to: I have all kinds of plans - sensible, practical plans about promoting myself, updating stuff with gidgets and sparkly things, really getting to grips with using social networking for business, you know, boring stuff, but that I quite enjoy.

But seeing as how I'm becoming expert in the art of procrastination, I had a look at this idea today: NaNoWriMo. The basic idea is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, as a challenge to oneself. Now, apart from the fact that my writing standard is .... inconsistent .....(to say the least) I think one is supposed to have a rough idea for a story, as a bare minimum. Characters and plot twists could come later, organically evolving and erupting out of the chrysalis of the storyline. Oops, got ahead and above myself there - please forgive.

I was thinking I could use tarot to prompt me - draw a card as a source/root for each chapter, kind of thing. But one still needs a Plot ....This is something that differentiates the truly creative people from plebs like me: they have an Idea, and then the talent and skills to turn that Idea into something: whether a story, a piece of furniture, a piece of music. It's in their head already - all they have to do is extract it, and put it into some physical form that other people can recognize and appreciate.

So without an Idea in my head, I'm better suited to cheering from the sidelines, and sending supportive chocolate to my friend Alison when needed ....

This chocolate reminds me of the bit where Han Solo has been frozen in carbonite ....


  1. Just bloody Dooooooo IIIIIIIIT!

    I'll do it if you do it. Come on, it will be a laugh. If we get past 3,000 words it will be a MIRICLE and the Pope will need to canonize us.

    Ali x

  2. Canonize a trio of witches like Ania, you and me ?? See, Nostradamus was right - the world is ending :-)

  3. LOL - if only Shakespeare (and Pratchett) hadn't got there first..."Hubble, bubble...." etc LOL

  4. But everybody will want to be Granny Weatherwax :-) she's uber-cool ...

  5. Thanks for the input over at my place. It's all about getting to cocky for my own good!

  6. Who knew Harrison Ford looked so good in a skirt?


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