Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Blog Hub Swap: Day 5

It really is an autumnal day here: raining, grey and windy, so I was glad to have something to open to cheer me up. Today it was this:

And just to emphasize Mooncalf's attention to detail, look at the reverse of the envelope:

a little blue dog

and inside the envelope were these:

3.75 mm Addi Lace needles on 80cm cables, and the pattern for Liesel. I love lace knitting, so this was brilliant, since I've been desirous of trying out a pair of Addis for a while now; I had Liesel already, but by including it in my package, Mooncalf has unknowingly gently prodded me into at least considering finding a niche in my planned project timeline to make it ...

And someone seems to have found a perch:

A close-up of my handsome chappie dangling rakishly from my besom:

I have another, so he can stay there safely. And Christopher has a brother - not so good-looking, of course, but still a pretty boy.


  1. I should have known you'd have a copy of Liesel as the Lace Scarf Queen :) When I looked at your projects it immediately came to mind as something you'd be interested in.

    I do hope the lace addis are to your taste. I find them perfect with their slight grip and pointy tips.

    I know they're not the size suggested in the pattern but, well, it should all become clear tomorrow...

  2. Mooncalf is the most thorough stalker I've encountered :-D

    What wonderful gifts - and all so appropriate for you. AND they're not some hastily flung together thing....I'm hugely impressed!

    Ali x


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