Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Slough of Despond

Well, OK, that is a bit over-melodramatic - really what I am in is the Ditch of Ennui, or perhaps the Gutter of Jejune, but as phrases, they just don't have the same impact.

I think it's because the Blog Swap is over for me til next time, and this means I actually have to have or find something to blog about, whereas of course, with something like a swap, there is tons to crow gloat boast talk about.

I have hardly knitted anything recently: I didn't want to start anything until I'd finished Mini Diva's school cardigan, which I don't like because of the pattern and the yarn. But rather than this spurring me on to complete it in record time, it's had the opposite effect - I'd rather not knit at all than knit that. And of course lacking short 3mm needles to do the button band has prolonged the torture.

I have some great new bright colors to try from Gracefruit, and have just ordered the fragrance oils for my Christmas soaps from Jo at Sensory Perfection. I have some ideas for selling my soaps, that I need to firstly list, and then secondly, do.

You might ask, why not just do them, save time - bypass the listmaking part; but then, I wouldn't have the warming righteousness of Ticks to comfort me. Ticks for completed jobs on a list is - sadly - one of the most mentally comforting things I know of; writing a proper List is an Art in itself ( the balance between proper tasks and list-filler tasks, achievable tasks and not-in-this-life tasks, prioritizing tasks, how to use tasks to keep a List going ad infinitum - using them as one would a yoghurt starter or grafting a rose ... )

Today I had my List Ticked off by 10 a.m, except for one item which is tomorrow's List Starter. This allowed me to spend much of the rest of the day trawling the interwebs looking at soap packaging, which I persuaded myself was a beneficial and potentially productive use of my time; especially when compared with doing this:

In my next life, I really want to come back as a cat that belongs to me .....


  1. I get you on the ticks. In fact every time I make a list, I include something I already did, just so I can check it off. It's definitely a fine art, the list making.

  2. I think you could come back as a cat living with many a human and be pretty happy. As I see it, even if the cat doesn't like the human it's been lumbered with, it normally finds a kindly soul in the neighbourhood. Everyone I know who has one or more cats treats them like the royalty that they consider themselves to be ;-) Good luck with mini Diva's school cardy! Although not a knitter, I know that procrastinating feeling - eek.

  3. Laura, I do that too :-)
    IW, that is Jewel the rescue cat, who, when captured, had been reduced to eating bread put out for birds ... she preferred to be on her own, that's how bad her previous human was :-(

  4. the trick is retrospective lists - then you can just tick everything off that you've already done :D

  5. Ania, I save that for the REALLY bad days :-)

  6. Ania - I do that too! I am also in the Doldrums (anyone else read the Phantom Tollbooth?!) and cannot be fagged finishing tidying the office. I went in too deep, man. Really gutted it - had 3 years of Writers Magazine to rehome, all the old mags that I've had articles in - all GONE!!!!

    And cannot bring self to finish cleaning up. Psychologically, why can't I finish this job?!?!?

    Ali x

  7. i just noticed that "odd" is one of your clickables. funny.

    today i'm officially past the halfway point in the swap and came to the awful realisation that for the foreseeable future, i won't wake up to presents everyday!

    sad (1)


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