Friday, 5 July 2013

FO Friday 145: Wowsers !

The Animism Tarot

       Well, there I was strolling around the interwebz looking for another Sun - and look what I found ! Isn't this card amazing ?

It's from the Animism Tarot, a deck created by Jo from  at Rainbow of Crazy; here is her Etsy shop, also full of pretty animal things that are full of vibrant color and whimsy. This deck just really appeals to me - I like the style, the art, the colors, its personality. No, I'm not Jo or related to her, nor do I owe her money. Yet.

Anyway. I can now reveal the two shawls I made from Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in the 'Seaweed' colorway; first was another Mrs.Tumnus Shawl, a pattern from my friend Eskimimi; this version is 'Mrs.Tumnus by the Sea', because of the colorway:

I am really pleased with how it came out - the subtle colors of the yarn really suit the pattern, I think.
 If you recall, knitting the Mrs.Tumnus was the wicked price I had to pay in order to have a boxload of Knit Picks yarn sent to me from my friend Paula in the USA. However, I had been sent two balls, for just in case, and this shawl only used one; what to do, what to do .... ?

I'll make a different shawl with the other ball !

Here is the Glissade Shawl, in the same yarn:


I finished these a little while ago, but I didn't want to post photos until they had been delivered - along with some sneaky English tea, jam and shortbread. I like to look after my enablers. And fortunately, Paula likes both shawls and titbits, so I let her think she is the winner in our deal.

And my crochet achievement that I'm crowing about today is the Heirloom Lace Baby Afghan by Terry Kimbrough:

I used a 5mm/USA H hook and just about 3 balls of Cygnet DK, 2 pale blue and 1 white - I had just enough blue left to edge the border; then I trimmed it with narrow navy satin ribbon to give it what I fondly visualize as a swanky finishing touch.

I found the pattern to be straightforward - the ripping back(s) involved was my own fault for making some silly mistakes - but it is easier and quicker to rip out and repeat than knitting, at least. My stitch gauge was spot on; row gauge .....  not so much.


The yarn itself has washed up nice and soft too, all ready for the Nephew (August 2013 Edition).

While I run away and play outside in the real sunshine, pop over to Tami's Amis and see all the other pretty things on show today .....


  1. It's all looking brilliant - and well done for adding little tasties to Paula's box!! Really fancy that Tarot deck too. You Evil Enabler :-D

    Ali x

  2. Lots of lovely things today and I wouldn't mind that deck either. If I buy decks at all these days, I almost exclusively get artists/self-published decks.

  3. That blanket turned out really well. You've graduated from the granny square. :)

  4. I like chroma a lot. Thanks for posting great shawl pictures in it! It makes my mind start thinking about shawls...


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