Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer is Icumen

Whimsical Tarot

Well, it's official - summer is here for at least a week and Andy Murray is the Wimbledon Champion. I am expecting a lightning strike or a lottery win at any moment. No, today I don't feel my expectations are unrealistic at all, actually.

But instead of chatting with you all, I am off outside without sunscreen or even a hat - oh yes, I live right on the dangerous ragged edge, I do: me and that crazy Wallenda chap are twins, did you know ? - to tackle the mammoth job that is the annual re-potting of houseplants.

DH is always surprised at how many plants our window sills and shelves hold; for me, a house is not a home without some living green in it.

And since I am female and as you know, we are ALL about multi-tasking, I am washing all my living room curtains too. Which of course means that I am cleaning the windows as well. And all this simply because the sun is out, it is warm, and I am bored, bored, bored with tiny skinny knitting on tiny skinny needles.

Why yes, there is some wine chilling in the fridge, I wonder how you guessed ?


  1. LOL I've been out with the dog in the noonday sun and that's enough madness for both of us. He's passed out on the nice cool (north-facing) living room floor and I'm hiding in here too :)

  2. Well, you could always pick up a bigger hook and crochet something. :)


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