Monday, 15 July 2013

Red Mist

Old English Tarot

So I've been merrily knitting away at the vintage cabled baby cardigan ...  well, that is quite a big lie - I haven't been merry about it at all, it just seems to go so slowly ... skinny string and skinny needles won't get an airing again any time soon, that's for sure.

But anyway because I am a grown-up and I know about the concepts of self-discipline and gratification that is not instant (a pretty abstract concept for me, true enough) I have doggedly persisted. I do like the design features such as the fronts, backs and borders all being knitted in one, I like raglan sleeves, and I especially like that I could see the light at the end of this little tunnel.

See ? Really nearly nearly done - underarms to seam, buttons (already purchased) to add, a wash and Bob's your uncle.

That light at the end of the tunnel ?

A train coming the other way.


See this ?

What's the deal here, Universe ? I am already cheating by doing the few seams in the only other red 4ply yarn I have, which is in no way a color match for this project. And then, right when I can visualize the triumphal crowd cheering my completed achievement, you drop kick my happy heart by letting me totally run out of yarn with one inch - ONE INCH, PEOPLE ! - of neck border left to go:

You couldn't make it up.


  1. Currently waiting for alllll the images to load. As usual. Bad luck running out of wool, m'friend *shakes head sadly* The Mercury Retrograde thing clearly also affects knitting.

    Pray to the goddess of knitting (lets call her Knitta or Purla) for a magical ball to appear at a charity shop near you. Today. For 25p.

    Sending hugs. Unfortunately, not as handy as wool.

    Ali x

  2. Oh dear :( You could always finish it with a bit of ribbon

  3. Maybe you could frog back serveral rows and reduce the width by 1 stitch. That shouldn't be too obvious, and you should have the yarn to finish the band. I wish I had better advice, or better yet a few yards of yarn to send you. The universe definitely owes you one.

  4. Oh that just bites! And you don't have a swatch you can tink or anything?

  5. That happened to me last week with the shawl I was making! Good luck with all that. I hope you can fix it soon!


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