Wednesday, 10 July 2013

WIP Wednesday 152: Planning Progress

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

 Today's mystery question: why do English people think a fruit salad involves apples and oranges ? If you are extremely lucky, you may find that the odd grape has been sacrificed as a nod to new-fangled ideas, and if you are unlucky there may be a squooshy slice or two of gently browning banana marinating in the juice at the bottom. Of all those fruits, I only like grapes - which explains why they are not included, of course.

Anyway. That was a mere diversionary tactic so that you will be tempted to overlook my lack of achievement this week. Well, achievement that I want to talk about publicly - whatever it is/was found moldering behind the sofa when I moved it in order to clean behind it for the 1st time this year, I'm pretty sure is best left undisturbed until the type of life-form has at least been safely identified, if not quarantined.

No, I only wish I found packages like this behind the sofa. This was actually left by the postman this morning. Can you guess what it is ?

No ? Shame on you, I thought you'd have a pretty good idea of what sneaks into my post in my vain attempt to camouflage the bills that cascade through the letter box.

I know. I can't believe it either. Of course, it is more new yarn that of which I was in desperate need. That is, unless you are my long-suffering and unsurprisingly poverty-stricken husband reading this post - in which case, I found this load of old tut at the bottom of the wardrobe next to that old blue Laura Ashley skirt that I will look so fetching in.

Well, you know how it is: you find a pretty pattern for an afghan, and swept away in the recent excitement of crochet that is not Granny Squares, it becomes the last planned project #116 in your Queue that is four pages long, for which you must instantly acquire all the necessary materials. Like, you know, now.

This is the Sunshine Floral Afghan from Under Cover: 60 Afghans to Knit and Crochet. Except I will use blue, pink, green and cream to make it a Floral Afghan without any Sunshine, as those colors better suit the decor in Mini Diva's bedroom.

Oh yes. Here is the progress which I am trying not to highlight as it is slower than an arthritic slug:

I have started a sleeve. I shall need to make two, though. The smallness is not making it go any quicker. If I were you, I'd go see some real progress over at Tami's Amis ....

PS. there is a seemingly random tag in the list today - but I promise you it is linked to the topic, if you think about it.


  1. You must have been thrilled to see that plump bag among the other mail. I know I would have been:)
    I love your opinion of fruit salad. Anything mushy doesn't belong there! I prefer watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and blueberries as my fruit salad.

  2. Very pretty afghan, but there is still something grannyish/1970s about crochet that I have difficulty seeing past

  3. Just where is it written you must make two? Huh? Be innovative, just make one! Start a trend. See, fixed it for you.

  4. Love your post, it made me laugh. Good luck with the sleeves.

    Here's my WIP:


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