Wednesday, 17 July 2013

WIP Wednesday 153: Stripes But No Stars

Whimsical Tarot

Summer is here with a vengeance - so this is just a quick post in between bouts of slathering myself with vanilla body butter to try and offset the slight ... tan ... I got yesterday at Destructo Boy's Sports Day. I'll be fine though, I will soon go brown. Had it been my DH in the broiling sun for that length of time, he'd be setting off the smoke alarm just like his carbonized toast does.

While the Lee Target Vintage Cabled Baby Cardigan sulks in a corner ... Well actually no, you're totally right, it is me sulking, as the stallholder where I bought the yarn from is on holiday until next week meaning I cannot buy the yarn to complete the project.

But you'll be glad to hear that I have been sulking productively at least. Using King Cole Comfort Baby DK - which is super dooper soft and squooshy - I have got quite to the end of the stripey baby sweater:

Mini Diva thinks I should have used a paler/lighter/more pastel blue, but I quite like this. And I shall leave it to you to spot the mistake design feature:

Yes, I guess I could have frogged it and re-done it. But it is colorwork and I used like 4 separate balls of yarn in each row or something and so there are lots of joins of color and twists and things and OK I admit it, I am simply too lazy to cope with the hassle: bite me.

Pop on over to see rather more perfection at Tami's Amis .....



  1. I waited until the images were loaded and looked at the pix *tiny pathetic voice* cannot see where the error is. This is why I don't ever knit. Looks fablas to me :-D

    Ali x

    I really like the yarn, and the pattern you are using.
    I enjoy taking a peek at others creations. Thanks for sharing.
    Your whimsical Tarot card is really it.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

  3. I wouldn't frog that ... it's absolutely a design feature. That vertical white stripe provides a nice contrast to all the stripes! Lovely nautical blue!

  4. Lovely color combo - Mini Diva is entitled to her likes and opinions, but so are you. :)

  5. Love this blue, it looks great. The paler blue on the pamphlet just doesn't cut it. This has "OOMPH!". 99 out of 99.5 baby boys prefer "OOMPH!" I agree the white stripe adds rather than detracts from the total look.

  6. Looks fine to me :) Try Aloe Vera gel to soothe your "tan"


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